“I was thoroughly unprepared to live without the countless support systems that I had been unknowingly building my entire life. When I was off to college, all those people, all those systems, all those places, were a minimum of 5 hours away. I fell apart. I fell apart fast. Within a week of going to college, I was so depressed I was considering suicide. It happened so fast that I didn’t recognize myself … I got some help, I got back home, but I did not get better. I was just as depressed back home home, if not more, because I felt like a failure.”

“But that wasn’t true. Just because I couldn’t do it one semester didn’t mean that there wasn’t so much more ahead of me. I went back in the spring. It was rough. I ended up in the hospital at one point, but I got through it and I am so glad that I did. Now I have an amazing job … It was worth it, to see myself now.”

“You can do this. You’ve just got to hold on.”



Moira McAninch

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