“I didn’t realize that I was the underdog officially until I was in junior high school. Seventh grade started and over the summer, I had developed quite large breasts, and they kind of came out of nowhere honestly.”

“I was a small girl. I’m only 5ft1, but I had triple D breasts. I was still very outgoing and what not. I was a gymnast as well as a dancer, so I had a very womanly physique. My last name being peak, was something that I was teased about . . . it was very uncomfortable for me because I was still a virgin and I didn’t understand any of it.”

“Other family members would shame me for it, and that’s when I realized that I had a lot of people in my family that didn’t like me, just for who I was. A lot of that came from my mother . . . my mother was so mentally ill.”

“I’ve stayed strong. I’ve tried to help all kinds of people along the way, and I just want to let everyone know, that, it’s really a big deal. It’s a thing. We need to be kinder to others. It starts very early on.. teaching your children about bullying and picking on other people.”

Contributor: Terri Lenee Peak



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