“I’ve always been into running and fitness pretty much my entire life. One day I was running on the treadmill like I used to and then out of nowhere I suddenly couldn’t breath in. It felt like I was under water essentially. The next thing I know, my vision started to shrink in and It felt like I was getting crushed. I tried to turn down the treadmill, then I fell and hit my face on it. What had actually happened was that I had gone into cardiac arrest and had died for about seven minutes. I only survived because the students at the gym knew how to do CPR and use a defibrillator. “

“I didn’t remember anything for about three days due to lack of oxygen. I went to the hospital and got an implantable defibrillator under my chest, which is very noticeable if my shirt is off. For a few months after, I was afraid to do anything because I thought I would get another cardiac arrest and die. As you can imagine, it was pretty traumatizing to get cardiac arrest and die for seven minutes at 21 years old. Until one day I went home and said to my mom; I’m too scared to do anything. My little 4ft10 Italian, 60 year old said; well Michael if that’s the case, then you might as well have died. “


Michael Colgan

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