“Oddly enough, I often feel more comfortable when i’m low and depressed than I do when I’m happy. Because when i’m happy I just keep thinking.. I know the depression will come back.”

“Seeing a therapist saved my life. Getting help saved my life. If you’re on the fence for whether or not to get treatment, I strongly ask that you do. I know it can seem scary and there’s stigma around it, but honestly we need to reduce the stigma. Mental health should be treated like any other illness that you might have, like a back ache, liver problem or a headache.”

“Friends, family and loved ones will do the best that they can but they have their own problems, and you don’t feel like really burdening them with your problems. Or sometimes they don’t know the right thing to say, because their so pre-occupied with their own stuff. It’s not against them, but you need someone that is really dedicated to helping you with your issues, who really cares, who will listen and has the time and the focus and who knows the right way to approach certain things and give the right advice.”

Contributor: Malik K. Sullivan

Malik K. Sullivan

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26 days ago

I really appreciate you sharing this with the community. And you have a great presence and verbal expression, I really enjoyed watching your video.

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