“I was the middle child in the family with brown Indian parents. Emotions and everything wasn’t really validated … so as a middle child you do whatever you can to fit in, so I started mowing the lawn, shoving the snow and everything. And only when I moved away, they started saying stuff like ‘Hey who used to shove all the snow? Who used to mow the lawn? What’s going on?'”

“So I moved away for teaching … in general, living on your own is really great because you get to grow and see how things are. When I first was alone, I got anxiety, because I didn’t know what I liked. I was also so used to going with the flow, so I was like ‘Hey, what does Jabar like?'”

“Be your own person. No more following the crowd. Don’t try to fit in, you were born to stand out.”



Jabar Bains

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