Beasy Baybie is still killing it as a tv and radio personality. Beasy ended up in prison when she was younger.




Talia Ray is hustling away on her acting craft, landing gig after gig!

Talia suffered from Bell’s Palsy, a condition where some of your nerves in the facial area gets compressed.
This resulted in her entire left side of her face becoming completely paralyzed.







Bonita is fearlessly going after her dreams of becoming a model. Bonita was brown with her tongue being fixed to the bottom of her mouth.


lexis won’t let adversity stop her from becoming a model.

Alexis has a disability called Cerebral Palsy which affects the majority of her right side.


Lexi is doing whatever it takes to thrive as a model, actress and artist.
Lexi was humiliated in front of her class when her teacher decided to do a “brown paper bag test” with her.

A brown paper bag test is a form of racial discrimination, where you compare an individual’s skin color to a brown paper bag.


Isaiah is staying true to his calling and is making a mark in the model industry. Isaiah had a heart attack at 19 years old.


Shae is hustlig away on her passion with photography - and she's capturing beautiful photos whilst doing so. Growing up, she felt very out of place and lonely as she was the only black kid in a school of mostly white students. 

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Downtown Austin at night is a city like no other.

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Skye is killing it in the acting and model industry. Skye had to overcome being raped and took herself out from an alcohol and cocaine addiction. Bam.


Emanuel is keeping up with his comedy career and trying out what it's like to be a black Trump. Emanuel was on bed rest from alcohol poisoning and lost his job.


Sophia is is making her mark in the acting industry and staying true to her dreams.  Sophia had to overcome bullying, moving to NYC on her own and adress a life-conditioned knee problem.


Michelle Graham is crushing it as an author. She has released her book "Unlabeled: Reflections of Insanity" which is based on a true story. Her book also adressess social stigma and labels within mental health.




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