How do I submit a story?

Go to "Stories" > "Submit your story".

Is there an age limit to submit a story?

Yes, you need to be 18 years old.

What if I'm under 18 but have my parents or guardians consent?

We will not publish any stories of individuals that are under 18 years of age, regardless of consent. This is for your own protection.

When are new stories published?

We publish between 2-3 stories per week.

What's the file size limit for my story?

The maximum file size you can upload is 2 GB.

What formats are accepted?

.mov, .mp4 or .avi

Should I do any editing of my story?

No, leave it as untouched as possible!

What language should I speak in my story?

English :)

Does all stories get published?

The majority of stories we receive gets published!

What can cause a story not to get published?

If a video is not published then it's usually because one of the following:

A) Video is too long 

B) Poor audio or video

C) Private, sensitive or any type of contact information regarding other individuals are shared in the story.

Can I have my story removed once it's published?

Of course! Just send an e-mail to info@underdogscollective.com and we will process your request. You will need access to the e-mail that you sent the story from or be able to provide valid ID documentation to have it removed.

What am I not allowed to include in my story?

Full names or any other information that makes it possible to identify an individual that is part of your story.

Where is my story shown after it's published?

On our website and social medias.

Can I curse in my story?

Sure, it's your story. 

How long after you receive my story will it be published?

It depends! We process the stories in the same order we receive them in.

What kind of stories do you publish?

Generally, the stories consists of either:

A) A period of adversity that someone experienced and how they made it out in one piece.

B) Another type of situation or event that has taken place, and that they wish others to be made aware of.

My story never got published. Why?

There's most likely just other stories that are queued before yours, but feel free to send an e-mail to info@underdogscollective.com if you want to double check.

Do I have to be alone in my recording or can I have a friend or relative in the frame?

Absolutely! It's completely up to you. Although we recommend keeping any distractions or background noise to a minimum, unless he/she/it is part of your story.

Why can't I comment on any of the stories on your YouTube Channel?

Because of internet trolls :)

Will I get notified when my story publishes?

Not at this time.

Will I be notified if my story doesn't get published?

Yes, if there's an issue with your recording then we will e-mail you!

Which countries do you publish stories from?

From wherever we receive stories from!