Dare to Chase your Dream. Do it First!

Why sometimes it seems the object of our desire, our dream, does not realise at all? Primary endeavours like attitude building, finding inspiration, nurturing our creativity and confidence to put steps forward, helps in achieving success and grasp our dreams.

All of us sometimes or other, is surrounded by one unanswered thought, a question very often tickle everyone’s mind. “Do dreams come true?” “Should we continue to dream?” or “Should unfold it off, in waking life?” The general notion is to avoid dreams even if we have strong feelings about the reality of the dream. It doesn’t feel dreamlike; it seems like an experience, and our inner soul keeps on screaming “I can make it true,” We are unable to realize dreams because we don’t allow it to happen, stick to confines and remain limited. A little requirement is to put the steps forward and expand our perception, dare to put endeavours, and then reap the rewards that arrive with it.

It is factual, only dreaming and doing nothing will never help. Nothing can be accomplished without some skill, a little talent, and maybe even luck, but anything is possible with a lot of hard work, passion, a moderate amount of aptitude bagged with a lot of positive attitude. The road to self success, and making any dream come true, is always going to be a bit stony, but one has to be determined to “Do it first”!

A person who fights and refuses to let his depressing background, at last wins the race. There are situations in life where one does not necessarily do what is right in the eyes of the world. One does as the soul tells them. And in the process there are difficulties, troubles, setbacks, struggles, but one must not surrender by doing undue compromises, and discontinue chasing dreams.

Gabriel Daniels writes: “You only need to create or devise ways to chip away—or get rid of—any unnecessary fears, worries, apprehensions, etc., so that the courage within you will be unleashed more fully.”

To reach dreams, one must eliminate self-doubt and reach for the stars. The best way to diminish fear and eradicate self doubt and build  buoyancy is taking action. As early as we do, we’ll begin accumulating experience and awareness. Everything is hardest the first time. It’s like jumping off a cliff into a lake — after dong it once, we see that the water is safe and each time afterwards is easy. If we initiate with small steps and keep doing until the fear of failure is controllable, confidence will automatically be built and prepare us to take big leaps.

Developing own style, working on weaknesses, never giving up, asking questions, admit we are wrong, developing hobbies, being compassionate, and laughing are all great ways to eliminate self-doubt. Dreams can definitely be changed, an earnest primary endeavour is required and we surely can be more charismatic, confident, attractive and achiever to the world.

So stop procrastinating and be an enthusiastic dreamer on a mission to jump start your dream, and start taking steps to work and continue doing it, until it is realized. Have dreams and start doing, it’s all about taking small simple daring steps friends! Just a shift of thought is needed, from “fear of failure” to “dare to dream.”

Abhinanda Gautam

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