About Underdogs Collective

Underdogs Collective publishes real life stories about overcoming adversites. The movement was created to bring motivation, support and inspiration to anyone that are going through a tough period in their life.

Underdogs Collective was created to prevent someone else from experiencing loneliness in their struggle – regardless of what you’re going through. Whether you are fighting a disease, been victim of a crime or experienced any other type of adversity; at Underdogs Collective you will find others that have been in similar situations and made it out in one piece. You are not alone and most importantly.. you can still achieve that dream that has always been in the back of your mind.

Our aim is to have more of the everyday citizen, influencers, Tedx speakers, actors, entrepreneurs, athletes, authors – essentially anyone that has found success to publish their story about an adversity that they overcame, and that helped fuel them to the point that are at now. We believe this is a powerful way to change the pattern of how social media sometimes paints a false picture of reality, and at the same time make the world a better place.

Got a story that may help others?
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