“Hi my name is Matthew, I’m 26 years old and I’m from the U.S. What I’ve had to overcome in my life are severe shyness, social anxiety and body dysmorphia. So it started when I was a young kid, I was always the shy kid no matter where I went and in every class that I was in I was always labeled as the shy kid. People would say “you’re too quiet and your too shy” and they would even ask me why. Of course I didn’t have the answer because I was just raised that way. I wasn’t raised around a lot of kids, or a lot of people, I was just raised very conservative. That kind of really bothered me because I wanted to be like the other kids, I wanted to be more talkative and I wanted to have more friends.

That kind of translated into my teenage years and my adulthood as well. Not that shyness or quietness is a bad thing at all because it’s not, it’s just that for me it was because I saw it as something wrong. But it’s actually not at all and I wouldn’t take it back for anything”.

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